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ppc services in greater noida

PPC Services in Greater Noida

Digital Panther is the best Digital Marketing company in Greater Noida, India. We offer a perfect blend of PPC Services to push your brand forward in the highly competitive online world. Whether you wish to see your website at the top rank or want to drive more traffic, our PPC experts have an apt solution for you.

We help you get improved brand visibility, wider reach, and better ROI at much lower cost. To ensure that you utilize your money and efforts to the fullest, we effectively target an audience that is actively looking for products or services your offer. We don't just focus on temporary rankings; rather, we help you build a strong organic presence for the long term.

Digital Panther is a team of SEO professionals that is known for its highly result oriented and remarkably successful SEO campaigns in different sectors. Our unique blend of technical and creative expertise differentiates us from the competitors and enables you to offer unmatched search engine optimization services.

  • Improve online visibility

    Get your business website on the top of Google and other search engine ranking pages.

  • Marketing your brand

    Our strategy won’t stop at just giving you top ranking but also help you sustain longer for higher traffic and brand awareness.

  • Get traffic

    We offer a cost-effective way to boost your advertisement online while still mesh a considerable profit.

  • Lead generation

    Enjoy more clicks, leads, and revenues while taking your business to the new heights of success.

Our SEM Process

Step 1


The first thing we’ll do is schedule a time to speak with you and your team during our initial Strategy Session. This is where we hash out the details of what your goals are and what success will look like for you.

Step 2


Our next task is to perform in-depth research into your industry. We’ll analyze what your competitors are doing online, create customer profiles, and do a deep dive into the keywords and websites that you should be targeting with your SEM campaigns.

Step 3


Here is where we go through the step-by-step process of creating your new campaign (or, if you already have an existing campaign, this is where we review all your settings one-by-one). We’ll ensure that everything is structured appropriately for the best performance, and make sure that your settings, geotargeting options, keyword bids, and more are set up for success.

Step 4


Now that everything is ready to go, we’ll start your campaign and begin the process of sending traffic to your website! But while most companies stop here, we’re just getting started.

Step 5

Observe & Gather Data

At this point we need to give your campaigns some time to run and gather data. During this stage, you will already start seeing more leads & customers come through your business. But don’t get too excited yet—your performance is only going to improve from here.

Step 6


Once we’ve accumulated enough data, our team digs in and performs a complete performance analysis of your campaigns. We let the data tell us what’s working and what isn’t, and we’ll decide on the modifications necessary to bring you more traffic, leads, and customers at a better ROI.

Step 7

Modify & Repeat

As part of our ongoing optimization efforts, we’ll implement the changes we identified in Step 6 to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. From there, we’ll go back to Step 5—giving those changes time to gather more data, at which point we’ll do more analysis and make even more improvements. This is how we continue to improve your results, bringing your more customers at a better ROI, month after month.